Genomics for Systems Biology

ISB 2020, Spring 2017

Takis Benos and Dennis Kostka

Departments of Computational and Systems Biology, and Developmental Biology, University of Pittsburgh


Syllabus and course schedule


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Course Description

This is a graduate level course designed primarily for the students in the Integrative Systems Biology (ISB) PhD program. But other students who want to learn about computational methods and tools that are used for analysis of high-throughput genomics data are welcome. Students with biological background and knowledge of introductory level statistics, and students with quantitative background and an interest in biology are welcome. The course will focus on basic principles of data analysis and modeling for high-throughput biological datasets, such as RNA-seq data, ChIP-seq data, SNP data, and others.

Attendance: Attendance of every class meeting is expected. If you need to miss class for any reason, please notify the current course director or the course administrator in writing prior to the start of class.
Evaluation: Grading will be based on participation, paper discussion, midterm, final exam and an analytical project.