Our ultimate goal is to investigate the molecular mechanisms that are implicated in chronic diseases and developmental processes.    Our work involves the development of new computational and statistical models for the study of gene expression regulation (protein coding and non-coding genes) in a systems' biology framework.
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  • Sep 30, 2013: Congratulations!! Grace successfully defended her PhD thesis and gave an exemplary presentation. She is now looking forward to start a new chapter in her life in San Francisco.

  • Apr 2013: This is the publication month. Congratulations to Lucas for co-autoring a PNAS paper on mesenchymal stem cells; to Claudia for acceptance of the ComiR web server paper NAR and co-authoring a PLoS One paper on regulatory platelet miRNAs in patients with sickle cell disease; and to AJ for acceptance of his paper to ISMB 2013.
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Computational and Systems Biology